Air Con Odour Buster

Posted by CarMechanica | News | November 06, 2017

Now that we are entering our summer months our ac systems will be used more frequently and for longer periods while driving.

Air Con Odour Buster

So, the question I have,  is your A/C smelling a little musky or is it on the nose? Well there is a reason for that. Over the colder months when the A/C is dormant it can develop germs and other bacteria that takes residents within the ac system and if it goes untreated it can be quite detrimental to ones well being.

I am here at EMS in the south east suburbs of Melbourne where Nik provides a full AC system clean using Liqui Moly A/C cleaning tool. This procedure Cleans & decontaminates the air-conditioner system

  • Kills odour causing bacteria and flushes the evaporator unit
  • Used every 6 years or to solve bad interior air-conditioner related smells and leaves your ac system smelling clean and fresh.

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