Major Causes of DPF Failures

Posted by CarMechanica | News | October 27, 2017

Not everyone knows what a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is, but people that have replaced them certainly would because of the big dollars that it cost them to replace.

Major Causes of DPF Failures

While not all diesel cars have DPFs, they’re becoming more common any most diesels made after 2010 will have a DPF. If a DPF becomes block the car will go into limp mode and will lose all of its power and make it near impossible to drive.

Main causes of DPF failures are and not limited to;

  • Using incorrect oil
  • Short trips IE not enough highway driving allowing the DPF to regenerate (self-clean)
  • Faulty EGR or Injectors
  • Poor fuel quality

Being on the road every day and visiting 40+ workshops on a weekly basis I have noticed more and more DPF issues and problems. One case I came across last month was an Audi Q7 V8 with two DPFs. This vehicle ended up at one of our EuroMechanica Workshops who were determined to rectify the problem. The car had previously been to 2 separate workshop including the dealer who quoted $13,000 to replace the DPFs. I assisted the workshop who performed a DPF Clean using Liqui Moly’s DPF cleaner kit and with great success the car was out running back to normal in less than an hour. The customer was over the moon as they were finally back on the road after weeks of sitting in other workshops.

Moral of the story is look after your diesel car by keeping it well maintained using manufactures approved parts and lubricants. If the DPF light comes on, have a qualified technician look at it ASAP to avoid large repair bills. Also be informed that DPFs can be cleaned and worth a try before spending up to $6,000 per DPF to replace.


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