Safe & effective filter replacement with Diesel Purge Plus

Posted by CarMechanica | News | November 13, 2017

Regular replacement of your diesel filter is critical to the longevity of every diesel vehicle. Protecting the pump when changing the filter is even more critical.

Safe & effective filter replacement with Diesel Purge Plus

Diesel Purge Plus from German oil and additive specialist LIQUI-MOLY not only protects the pump, it also has the added benefit of cleaning the injection system and the nozzles. Which is why LIQUI-MOLY Diesel Purge Plus should be a part of every professional diesel filter change.

Diesel filters are a typical service part that must be regularly replaced. This replacement interval is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and is usually scheduled during servicing.

When changing a diesel filter, no air may get into the system. Otherwise the required fuel pressure cannot be built up, resulting in dramatically increased wear to the injection pump. Operating at pressures of 2000 bar, diesel injection pumps are a highly-engineered component, which are expensive to replace.

To protect the pump when changing the filter, it is important to fill the replacement filter with liquid to provide vital lubrication. Typically, the filter is filled with diesel. However, many workshops do not account for this and over the years the costs of not filling the new filter prior to installation builds up through premature pump wear. LIQUI-MOLY solves this problem with their Diesel Purge Plus additive.

The Diesel Purge Plus is poured directly into the new replacement filter in place of diesel fuel. Upon initial start-up, the LIQUI-MOLY additive concentrate not only provides the vital pump lubrication, it immediately cleans the injection system and injection nozzles.

LIQUI-MOLY Diesel Purge Plus also incorporates a cetane number booster that reduces knocking and optimises the engine’s starting ability. Overall, your motor runs more quietly.

Most diesel filters typically hold around 300ml. The rest of the 500ml Diesel Purge Plus can is poured into the tank. This offers additional fuel system cleaning using a lower dose over a longer time period.

With LIQUI-MOLY Diesel Purge Plus filter replacement is significantly easier, cleaner and even healthier, as thorough cleaning of the diesel injection system is achieved flowing the filter replacement.

By using LIQUI-MOLY Diesel Purge Plus when completing this part of the service, not only have you replaced the filter more efficiently, you’re actually setting up the vehicle for a cleaner, smoother running life.

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