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European cars represent the cutting edge of automotive technology and enjoy a long-standing heritage of automotive excellence. Brands like VW Volkswagen, BMW, M Performance, Mercedes Benz, AMG, Audi, Porsche, Volvo, Mini, Seat, Skoda, Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Peugeot, Opel, Skoda, Maserati, McLaren, Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Land Rover are some of the world’s best known and most revered automotive brands. When it comes to service, repair, problem solving or performance enhancements for your European vehicle, you shouldn’t trust it to just anyone – you need a EuroMechanica European specialist. They will provide the type of reliable and personalised customer service and customer satisfaction that is difficult to find at the dealership or franchised service centre.

Problem Solving

Whether you drive a family car, SUV, small car, sports car, luxury car, 4WD, van or ute, EuroMechanica’s nationwide network of well-established workshops have the necessary expertise and are fully equipped with scan tool and all the specialized diagnostic equipment necessary for fault detection, fault diagnosis, diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, warranty claims and problem solving.
Does your European vehicle have a niggling, or expensive problem, such as an oil leak, fouled injectors, clunky gearbox, engine tick, engine clack, noisy tappets, noisy lifters, sticky valves, dirty sensor, smoky exhaust or simply runs poor? In many circumstances, one of Liqui-Moly’s proven chemical tools can provide a cost-effective solution.

Maybe you have a different problem, such as flat battery, illuminated check engine light, engine warning light, red light, orange warning light, fault code, running rough, overheating, blocked DPF, brake shudder, brake vibration, squealing fan belt, seized water pump, electrical problem, knock in the suspension, steering problem, worn brake rotors, or uneven tyre wear and are in need of new tyres, a wheel balance, or wheel alignment? Then EuroMechanica will give you choice of repairer – without voiding your factory warranty.

Alternatively, if you’re after a highly experienced and fully-qualified service technician, or accredited repairer to carry out diagnostics, general mechanical repairs, gearbox repairs, driveline repairs, differential repairs, electrical repairs, timing belt replacement, replace CV joints, axle shafts, CV boots, new brake pads, diagnostic reset, battery test, battery check, replace diesel particulate filter, new fuel filter, new air filter, or genuine replacement parts – you’ll find what you’re looking for at EuroMechanica.

Performance Enhancements

Have you thought about enhancing your vehicle to unlock all the power and acceleration you paid for? Liqui-Moly offers a range of oil and fuel additives that act like vitamins or performance-enhancing supplements. Step up to the next level and give your car a wonderfully throaty, more powerful note with an upgraded cat-back exhaust – or full exhaust with high-flow cats and headers. Looking for even greater gains? Get your engine breathing better with improved throttle response that you can feel, by taking advantage of the latest tuning software and programmers, with a re-map, flash tune, or performance chip. Even the sportier variants have far more potential than you think – which can often be unleashed without sacrificing fuel economy. After all, the factory tune is conservative, as it must cater to all conditions – from the dry, tar-melting, heat of the outback, through to icy-cold, snow-capped mountains.

Maybe the idea of enhancing chassis dynamics to provide sharper steering, better handling, greater cornering grip or superior stopping power is more your style. Then there’s making your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Personalise it with bigger, wider aftermarket wheels, wider tyres, or sticky rubber. How about a whole new look via stripes, accents, colour-coding, or a muscular body kit? Whether its OEM parts and accessories, or the best the world’s most renowned aftermarket suppliers have to offer, look no further than EuroMechanica. Our national network of European specialists are the number-one authority for all of your European performance parts and tuning needs.

Service and Repair

Is your vehicle due for: scheduled service, log book service, lube service, full service, major service, check up, multi-point inspection, DPF regeneration, DPF burn off, DPF filter replacement, intake decarb, filter check, fuel injection service, injector clean, automatic transmission service, oil change, oil top up, cooling system flush, air conditioning re-gas, fleet servicing, or need quality spare parts? EuroMechanica has you covered.

European vehicles have some of the most demanding and unique oil specifications. With Liqui-Moly stocking the most up-to-date and extensive ranges of any lubricant company in Australia. You don’t have to settle for near enough. Liqui-Moly oils and lubricants not only meet, or exceed specifications, but carry difficult-to-obtain manufacturer approvals.

All EuroMechanica workshops are staffed by passionate, qualified professionals who proudly use Liqui-Moly. These well-established, fully-equipped Euro specialists are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and many other locations across Australia. Each offering premium quality, factory approved parts and genuine parts, along with full parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind. All with an emphasis on friendly, welcoming service and high customer satisfaction.
EuroMechanica endorsed workshops provide a wide range of customer services, including: pink slip inspection, blue slip inspection, roadworthy inspection, rego inspection, pre-purchase inspection and safety inspection. Some even offer roadside assistance and breakdown call outs.

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